Living in Northern Cyprus

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  The Trodoos Mountains The Troodos Mountains are located in the center of the island and are the largest mountain range in Cyprus. With Mount Olympus (also known as Chionistra or “the snowy one”) over 1900 feet at its peak it is a favourite for trekkers and walkers When snow appears on the tips from [...]

  Festivals in Northern Cyprus Festivals are a cultural staple in Northern Cyprus. There are many Events that take place all through the year. Cypriots love to enjoy themselves and the folklore of their past. These events are full of music, dancing and food. March European Film Festival Lefkosa, Girne, Gazimagusa (more info to follow) [...]

  Nightclubs in Northern Cyprus Amidst all the culture and history that Cyprus has to offer by day is an entire new world of fun and frolic by night. And although some travelers may plan their trip for the places that offer the most at night no matter where you stay you will find a [...]

  The Grand Bath (The Buyuk Haman) In 1571 in Nicosia the Ottomans built, on the ruins of a Lusignan church, a public bath house. It is important to note that this building is two and three meters below ground where most buildings in Nicosia were built on the ruins of the prior empire and [...]

  Mevlevi Tekke Mevlevi Tekke is the museum of the Whirling Dervishes. This rectangular building with six gold domes is found inside the walls of Nicosia near the Kyrenia Gate. The Mevlevi order of Islam was founded by the poet Mevlana Celaleddin. His roots date back to a land that is known as Afganistan today [...]

    Lapidary Museum Housed in this small building are artifacts of many centuries and many cultures. It is believed that the building itself once stood in the courtyard of the St. Sophia Cathedral which now is the Selimeye Mosque. Today the building stands just east of there. The museum is a two story structure [...]

Living in Northern Cyprus

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