Living in Northern Cyprus

Kyrenia Animal Rescue

Who are they?
The Kyrenia Animal Rescue is Project is a registered charity based 10 miles outside of Girne on the mountain road to Famagusta.

What do they do?
The charity provides refuge for over 200 dogs and cats in Northern Cyprus. Made up of paid staff and volunteers the charity cares, treats and finds homes for animals. They also educate owners on good training methods,
trap and neuter stray and feral cats, collect dogs from the streets, neuter, worm and treat them for ticks and fleas, amongst many other things.

Kyrenia Animal Rescue have an ongoing spaying programme and not only neuter and inoculate strays, but also the animals of people who cannot afford the treatment themselves. We trap and neuter stray and feral cats and after a recovery period, release them again. They collect dogs from the streets, neuter, worm and treat them for ticks and fleas. They also run a helpline that handles calls reporting acts of cruelty, neglect or injury to animals and work tirelessly to provide health, care and affection to all the animals.

What does a volunteer do?
Volunteers jobs include which include the collection of animals, veterinary visits, grooming, manning the charity shop, running events to raise funds, education visits, and much more too.

How do i get involved?
KAR (Kyrenia Animal Rescue) relies solely on donations to survive. There are many fundraising events throughout the year. You can also donate to them directly.
More info can be found on their website
or email them at

Living in Northern Cyprus

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