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2 Dec 2009

Eastern Mediterranean UniversityAlthough property in Northern Cyprus may not be booming at the moment, all is not gloom and doom. One of the fastest areas of growth in Northern Cyprus is education.

It’s Universities are held in high regard throughout Europe and the Middle East, and may well be key to the future success of the island. Over the coming months Lincguide will be taking a look at some of the many places of learning in Northern Cyprus. Starting with EMU (The Eastern Mediterranean University).

Established in 1979 as a college for Turkish Cypriots, The Eastern Mediterranean University became a state run University in 1986. Their extensive library is one of the biggest in Cyprus and they have their own radio station. Since 1993 it has also been home to the annual spring festival one of the largest festivals in Northern Cyprus.

Lincguide spoke to Derya Sabriler, the Coordinator for International Affairs at the Eastern Mediterranean University to find out a bit more about the place.

1.  Where is the University?
The University campus is 10km from Famagusta, North Cyprus.

2. How many people attend the University?
The Eastern Mediterranean University offers education to more than 13.000 students from 68 different countries.

3. What range of courses are available?
Amoung the courses there is Faculty of Engineering, Architecture, Arts and Sciences,  Education, Business and Economics, Law and Communication. There is also School of Applied Sciences, Tourism and Hospitality, Computing and Technology.

4.  Are there any age limits to doing a course at the Eastern Mediterranean University?
For the African Students, there are no age limit. Other nations there are limits yes,  Master and PhD candiadates you must be over 29 years Undergraduates is 25. There is no upper age limit.

5. Where do most of the students come from?
Turkey and then Iran has the highest population, followed by Nigeria.

6. What makes the University Special?
The Eastern Mediterranean University diploma is recognized by all universities in the world, as it fulfils the criteria of the world’s most distinguished accreditation and supervising institutes, such as UK NARIK, AMFORTH, EAAE, ABET, EUA, ENHR, EDEXCEL, IAU and EFMD.

The cultural and scientific works of the academics of Eastern Mediterranean University are referenced in many countries, laying the groundwork for partnership in studies and guiding our students. With full confidence in its quality, Eastern Mediterranean University is always prepared for international supervision.

7. Is there a good social scene?
We have more than fifty clubs that students can take part in. There is an international center where the foreign students participate to continue their cultural and traditional acitvities within the university with the other students from their nationalities. We also have the one week Spring Festival where students as well as sing, dance, open booths for exhibition or selling as well as the famous singers giving concerts.

8.  Are the Classes given in English?
Yes, it is an English medium university, all classes are give in English.

9. Can students get help with their fees with grants etc?
Yes. There are many scholarships available including:
Educational Support Scholarship
OSYM Scholarship
Encouragement Scholarship
T.C. First in High School Scholarship
High Honor Scholarship
Successful Sportsman Scholarship
Siblings Discount
Merit Based Scholarship

10.  How about student accommodation?
EMU has over 5600 bed dormitories within the campus where priority is given to the newcomers.
There are also dormitories outside the campus.

11.  Where can people interested in attending the University get more information?
There is lots of information on the Eastern Mediterranean University school website or from the registrar’s office and the office of the vice rectors.


Photo: International Night early November 2009.
(Pictured is the Eastern Mediterranean University Rector some of the students dressed in their traditional costumes)

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lorinda vIttor

June 24th, 2010 at 6:48 pm

why do you have your informatin in small text it gives us the feeling that all is not wellor that you have not the accreditation. it does not make mme feel comfortable. are we safe


Peter Graham

June 24th, 2010 at 7:18 pm

I don't understand what you mean Lorinda, can you explain?

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